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Web Application Development Engineer

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If you’ll like more information about this course please fill the form below and a recruiting specialist will get in touch with you promptly.

If you'll like more information about this course please fill the form below and a recruiting specialist will contact you shortly.

Web Application Development Engineer

What exactly can I expect from the Web Application Development Engineer Program?

Web Application development careers are in high demand. According to the U.S. Department of Labor the job market for software developers is forecasted to grow much faster than the average for other occupations. The fast growth in web applications and mobile computing combined with the increasing use of software continues to create strong demand for software developers. Florida Vocational Institute offers a program in web application development that is designed for someone with no programing experience to learn how to develop websites and web based applications in less than 10 months.

This program will teach you the essentials of designing, creating, and maintaining fully functional web applications using a range of programming languages. Our coding courses will teach you how to develop web sites and use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as popular frameworks like jQuery and Angular.JS. Each unit is run in a project-based fashion reminiscing of a mini-coding boot camp. Once you master these skills you will learn the fundamentals of database technologies. You will also have an opportunity to learn how to develop more exciting server side applications using php and Node.JS.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects web development careers to grow at 20% between 2012 and 2022. FVI maintains strong working relationships with top companies in the area so we can match your passion and ability to career opportunities.

Each major step of the program will include a project where you put your learning into action and enrich your personal portfolio.

Frank Veloz

“I'm graceful to FVI and all professors like Victor Moreno and Randy Ferrer for providing me with skills and abilities that helped open the doors to a world full of new opportunities. Coding literally changed my life and has become a powerful tool to grow and improve my life in several aspects. Excellence, knowledge, respect, dedication are the things you'll find every step of the learning process.”

Frank Veloz, Web Developer at Tango Mango.

As part of the Web Application Development Engineer Program, you will learn the following:

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Learn front end web development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and modern JavaScript frameworks.

CSS3 icon

Learn how to effectively use CSS media queries to create fully responsive, mobile-friendly websites

Javascript icon

Learn front end programming in plain JavaScript and jQuery, as well as advanced JavaScript design patterns.

AJAX icon

Learn AJAX programming and best practices to manage the request-response model within the context of the web browser

Angular JS icon

Learn how to optimize web pages and employ popular optimization workflows for blazing fast page load times for maximum performance.

What kind of job can I get as a graduate?

The Web Application Development Program at FVI will give you the basic skills and knowledge needed for an entry-level job in software design and development, systems analysis, programming, process design and management, and other areas related to software.

The fast growth in web applications and mobile development, combined with the increasing use of software, continues to create strong demand for software developers. We’re here to help you find the right job. Our career services team can suggest internship openings during your training, and help you fine-tune your resume and step into a great career when you graduate.

We have strong working relationships with top technology companies in the South Florida area, allowing us to keep our courses in tune with employers’ priorities and match you with an ideal opportunity.

*Florida Vocational Institute cannot promise or guarantee job placement or a specific salary for its students or gradutes.

Is Financial Assistance Available?

Florida Vocational Institute strives on making quality education more affordable. With grants, easy payments and other ways to manage tuition costs, investing in your future can be more affordable than you think. Few, if any Coding Boot Camps or Web Developer Schools can offer the amount of options we can offer in terms of financing.

A Coding Boot Camp for the Everyone

Our Computer Programming Courses are designed with busy adults in mind. Few other Web Developer Schools offer the length and breadth of material that we do, and even fewer Coding Schools tailor their curriculum to busy professionals who cannot devote 50 hours a week and don't want to learn challenging new material in only two months.

We are a Computer Programming School devoted to creating Application Developers with sound Computer Science skills. Our curriculum is designed to be completed in a tough, but doable time frame of nine months by anyone willing to invest 20 hours a week.

Welcome to FVI

Florida Vocational Institute is committed to providing you a quality education in a lifelong, rewarding career. FVI takes pride in offering first-class training and the guidance, tools and support needed to prepare you for the job you want.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve success with our passionate and knowledgeable faculty, successful career placement team, and our warm and welcoming community.

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