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Web Developer

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Learn how to get started

By clicking "Get Info", you agree for FVI School of Technology to contact you using our autodialer, text, pre-recorded message, via telephone or mobile device (including SMS and MMS) and email, even if your number is currently listed on any state, federal or corporate "Do Not Call list".

Program Overview

Our in-person Web Development courses are designed for busy adults who can't quit their day jobs but are driven to boost their professional skills or change their career.

Few Coding Schools offer the length and breadth of material that we do. We are a Computer Programming School devoted to creating Web Application Developers with sound Computer Science skills. Our curriculum is designed to be completed in a dense, but realistic time frame of nine months.

By the end of the 9-month program, each student will have their own portfolio full of web applications, something which university graduates lack and employers desperately seek.


Full-Stack Web Development


36-Week (9-Month) immersive program


Career Placement Assistance


Small Class sizes for one-on-one learning


Federal Financial aid available to those who qualify


Campus located in Doral, a rapidly growing tech community


Curriculum designed with South Florida job market in mind


Complete the program with a Diploma and a Portfolio of work to show prospective employers

How We Compare

You don't have to give up your day job to take our classes

Coding Bootcamps

The South Florida region offers a handful of coding bootcamps. These programs are often effective, but they take place during the work day and do not offer financial aid. The technology programs at FVI School of Technology take place during the evenings and therefore don't interfere with the 9-5 career schedule and financial aid can cover the majority of tuition costs.

Most importantly, the coding bootcamps are 320 total hours while FVI School of Technology's program is 720 total hours. We think 320 hours is barely enough time to become a web developer, let alone a strong one. There are no shortcuts--you will become a strong web developer by the end of our program.

Computer Science Degrees

A computer science degree will give you an excellent understanding of computers and the internet, but it won't give you any coding skills to apply your knowledge. You won't have a portoflio of projects proving you can make stuff.

A developer's portfolio is the most important part of their resume.

By the end of FVI School of Technology's Web Developer program, you will have a rich portfolio full of varied, in-depth, relevant projects.

Online Programs

There are a few different online coding schools and websites that can take a beginner from amateur to intermediate however, online programs are notorious for low completion rates.

As a student in FVI School of Technology's Web Developer program, you will be learning and coding with a professional web developer in the same room who can immediately answer any questions, look at your code, and offer you feedback and encouragement. Such a close student-mentor relationship cannot be found in online programs.

Student Success

"I have so much to thank the school and their teachers for. I thought that becoming a programmer was something that was unachievable for me, but thanks to the instructors, I was able to do so easily."

Yasiel Sanchez Caleo Yasiel Sanchez Caleo

"FVI School of Technology demonstrated to me that no matter when you decide, great things can happen if you try. I've acquired knowledge every day, and every single minute I've spent inside of their classroom has made me better."

Alan Espinet Lluvet Alan Espinet Lluvet

"Before I started at FVI School of Technology I was concerned. I thought that coding was difficult and I didn’t know what to expect. Now I feel that it is easier than everybody thinks."

Lilianne Cantillo Lilianne Cantillo

"I went to the office for the interview and actually got the job that day! The instructors themselves are great. When I’ve been working on stuff over the weekend, I’ve reached out and have gotten replies every time."

Eric Phillips Eric Phillips

"FVI School of Technology is great for me. I wanted to learn useful skills in a few months. The team used all their resources to help me find my new job. They also helped me find the job fairs and tech events I should attend."

Qian Lin Qian Lin

"I wouldn’t just be recommending a school, I’d be doing them a life favor. The team has always assisted me with all my career needs. They helped with my resume and sent me referrals to jobs I may be a good fit for."

Alain Tavarez Alain Tavarez

What kind of job can I get as a graduate?

The Web Developer Program from FVI School of Technology will prepare graduates to develop practical skills and knowledge needed for career opportunities in areas involving software design and development, systems analysis, programming, process design and management, and other areas related to computer software production and deployment. The fast growth in web and mobile development, combined with the increasing use of software, continues to create strong demand for software developers.

The career services team at FVI School of Technology work to guide you in finding internship opportunities during training and upon graduation assist you in finding a great career as a web developer.

FVI School of Technology maintains strong working relationships with top companies in the area so we can match your passion and ability to career opportunities.

Build a Portfolio

Upon graduation from the Web Developer Program, students will receive a diploma. Additionally, students will have a portfolio of work showcasing their abilities to aid them in finding full-time jobs or freelance web development contracts.

What You Will Learn

Front end web development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and modern JavaScript frameworks

AJAX programming and best practices to manage the request-response model within the context of the web browser

How to effectively use CSS media queries to create fully response, mobile-friendly websites and web apps

Front end programming in plain JavaScript and jQuery, as well as advanced JavaScript design patterns under MV* frameworks

How to optimize web pages and use bleeding edge development workflows such as minifying and concatenating assets using Webpack 2

FVI School of Technology students

Our Instructors

Our instructors take a hands-on approach and work closely with you to ensure that you gain the necessary skills to succeed. Our students will learn how to work in teams using git-based workflows that are commonly employed in software companies.

Our Campus

We are centrally located in Miami at Mall of the Americas on Flagler Street and Palmetto Expressway.

Student Projects

Flappy Bird Game
Flappy Bird Game
Startuphub Miami
Starthub Miami
Peoman Game
Peoman Game
Anthony Falzon
Anthony Falzon
Chat App
Chat App
Weather App
Weather App
MSM Ad Logistics
MSM Ad Logistics
Memory Card Game
Memory Card Game
Mini Piano
Mini Piano